Kodiak 2014 - 165kms & 5000m ascent - 1st woman & 6th overall

Abstract: It is hard to explain the energy I garner from and the fulfilling feeling I am offered by the simplicity of the mountains, their perennial beauty and potent peace-giving. It is something that penetrates me and smooths my view on the world and myself. Copyright to Impact Photography, no infringement intended I love the Mountains and the dignity and solemnity I am infused with up there. Mountains pilfer my soul. I decided to run the Kodiak 160k/5k m ascent race on a late notice. Feeling strong after my fairly easy 3rd woman place and 6th overall ranking on the Fat Dog 120kms and 3k m ascent, I wanted to be in the mountains in a race context again. This time however I wanted my preferred distance i.e. 160kms and more ascent, which is what I long for.  I landed in Los Angeles airport quite tired from a demanding, yet fulfilling work week. I was sleep-deprived but soul-replenished from the beauty and allaying power of British Columbia's scenery. As I drove up to

Fat Dog 2014 - 120kms & 3000m ascent, 3rd woman and 6th overall

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Grand Raid des Pyrenees 2013: The mighty joy and incommunicable sense of accomplishement...

There's no wrong in pushing yourself if it's for a goal reach, an accomplishment quest. The greater the joy, the greater the absolution. "Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself." -Elie Wiesel In 2012, despite a severe ankle sprain upon meeting a teddy bear in the woods in Vancouver, I still decided to go ahead and do the Grand Raid des Pyrenees. I had my flight, my crew coming and I knew my mountains would carry me. They did, and I finished a happy camper. But frustrated with my time. So I registered again in 2013: 160kms and 10000m ascent. And sprained my ankle during my preparation, again... But, again, I had my flights and more crew coming to see me, including two of my beloved cousins who've supported me since my very first race and had always wanted to come and see me, and share our love for the sport together. So here is a picture recap of yet another amazing time I had running in my mountains, whe