Affichage des articles du avril, 2010

(Ursvik Ultra 10) Pardon me? You mean we're not in December? Cause it sure looks like it!

It's the season Grand Opening!!

For this first race of the season, I registered for a 75kms race by night in Stockholm, the Ursvik Ultra. I deemed it was a reasonable distance for a season (early) start and with almost no altitude change since I would not have had trained by then. I usually don't like when it is too short or too flat because it then goes way too fast for me but I did not really have many other choices. Moreover, for the first time, I have not entirely made the decision to do it on my own, I was advised to do it, given that it would be very good for a first and especially for my August Holy Grail, THE race of my season. Let us see if it changes anything on the finish line or not!!

D-7, troubles starts. First, just like many other European countries, Sweden has have its coldest winter since 1987 and even though this was March 21st, snow is still very present, saveguarded by negative temperatures. I therefore spent my week on the Weather Channel to spy on upcoming…